Interactive Kitchen


To the kitchen of the future

For CES 2016, Las Vegas, Whirlpool® presented their Interactive Kitchen of the Future. A central component to the CES experiential, our VR simulation demonstrated the kitchen as a cooking and informational hub, showcasing how Whirlpool® smart technology will help a family cook, clean and care in the near future.

High quality

Multi-platform VR experience

Working with the nice guys at DigitasLBi in the US, Hammerhead developed the experience to a very high visual fidelity using Unreal Engine, releasing the experience on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and on Youtube 360.

“It’s a masterpiece”

Leading the project Keith Soljacich, Associate Director, DigitasLBi commented “I’m overjoyed at the amazing product we received. I speak for both DigitasLBi and Whirlpool in saying how thrilled we are with the final product. It’s a masterpiece. The Hammerhead team handled the project expertly and came through in a big way!”

Take a look

Google Cardboard, Tablets, Smartphones and Oculus DK2