NASA: Valkyrie

National Museum of Scotland

Interact with the world’s most advanced humanoid robot

A NASA prototype

Valkyrie is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world, designed for unmanned pre-deployment missions to Mars. We were asked to create an interactive touchscreen experience as part of a National Museum of Scotland exhibition in collaboration with Edinburgh University.

Details expertly recreated

From the NASA patch on Valkyrie’s chest, to the pistons and wires at the back of its feet, every detail of Valkyrie has been meticulously recreated in Unreal Engine.

Bringing Valkyrie to life

Visitors can can turn Valkyrie around, watch videos and learn more about different components. Accurate walking, lifting and flexing animations were created to demonstrate how the robot’s 44 motorised joints move.

Visit Edinburgh University

With over 60,000 visitors, this experience is now a permanent installation in the foyer of the Bayes Centre. Located in front of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics’ Robotarium East, you might also see researchers working on other robots!

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