Hello! Magazine

Gary Barlow

Playing with AR has always been part of our make up. Way back when AR was just a glint in Tim Cook’s eye, TimeSlice Films worked with HELLO! Magazine to create a special issue that augmented a chiseled 3D, volumetric photograph of Take That frontman and X-Factor judge, Gary Barlow, out of it’s front cover.

The world’s first 3D celebrity magazine cover by Hello! allowed readers with the HELLO! 3D App to see the AR Gary by pointing their mobile device at the front cover, which acted as the trigger.

This innovative cover marked a new way for readers to experience magazine content and highlighted how magazines were exploring new ways of integrating online and off.

The shoot incorporated 42 Nikon digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras which formed the backbone of the 3D camera array system used in this project.