Pioneers of

Multi-cam capture

TimeSlice is a market leader in the provision of mutli-cam hardware, software & capture content services. TimeSlice has built an unrivalled reputation for delivering outstanding bullet time, volumetric, and spherical array based shots. We’ve been at the heart of the film, TV, games, mobile, and live events industries for over 20 years.

Visual FX

Bullet-time is a storytelling tool offering frozen-time and virtual camera effects. Created using our 90 GoPro camera or Nikon D800 stills array, the resulting bullet time action can be applied as either 2D or 3D content creation. Applications include feature film, and broadcast genres such as documentary, science, natural history and drama. Systems are available for use on location or at TimeSlice Films studio.

Immersive media

In the era of immersive viewing experiences and mixed reality, we capture the assets for compelling, interactive and shareable content on platforms such as AR, VR and Web-GL, kiosk, and in-store retail screens. TimeSlice’s ground breaking immersive content is the culmination of our innovations in multi-camera imaging. It encompasses our deep knowledge of 3D & 4D scanning technologies alongside 360 & spherical video production techniques, and is portable.

Live Events

Near real-time rendering and playback of multicam content for coverage of live sporting or entertainment events. Rapid processing and ease of haring via social media makes our Live Events content highly desirable as a wow-factor asset for experiential marketing, and brand activations. For 360 filming, our bespoke camera system enables continuous slow-motion shooting, 720 degree rotations (or greater), in real-time, and makes them immediately interactive. To achieve this in the live environment is unique to TimeSlice.