Leading Immersive Content Studio

Extraordinary experiences

Hammerhead create immersive entertainment experiences and commercial applications for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. Over the past 3 years we have been at the forefront of immersive media, producing original titles and award winning campaigns for our clients and partners.

Unique means of production

We were one of the first dedicated immersive content studios, and have specialist studios in London and Newcastle, where we have invested in cutting edge production facilities and processes that open exciting new creative possibilities for the next generation of immersive content.

We have some of the leading creatives and developers in immersive, and frequently collaborate with talent from across games, film and entertainment. As experts in real-time engine development (Unreal and Unity), we are continually improving the possibilities across performance, realism and resolution.

End to end capabilities

We offer end-to-end production services, developing for all major platforms, including Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Daydream, GearVR and as official development partners for Microsoft Mixed Reality. We also have vast AR experience, working across the leading SDKs and platforms, including Apple ARKit and Google ARCore.

Production Services

  • Virtual reality for all platforms
  • Augmented reality for iOS, Android
  • Mixed reality for Hololens, Meta 1
  • 360 video for all platforms
  • Volumetric video and 3D capture
  • Environment creation and photogrammetry
  • Motion capture

Innovation and collaboration

Many of our projects involve solving new R&D challenges. By creating our own entertainment titles, such as SYREN and ABE, we are also able to test and implement innovative ideas before other projects benefit from them.

We recognise the importance of using and exploring complementary technologies, and are actively working with AI, machine learning, and cloud computing, working closely with our partners including Microsoft Research, IBM Watson, Epic Games, Sanger Institute, Kings College London, and AMD, in addition to longstanding relationship with the leading immersive platforms and OEMs.

Supporting the industry

We are passionate about helping to develop the UK immersive ecosystem. We recently opened Dimension in partnership with Digital Catapult and Microsoft. Open to UK production studios and beyond, our aim is to help advance the creation of realistic virtual humans and environments.