An evolutionary step

In Imaging

Based in London, Dimension is one of the world’s most advanced volumetric & 3D capture studio, and first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner. The studio is a partnership between Hammerhead, Digital Catapult and Microsoft.

Capturing life in wonderful volumetric detail, Dimension enables a step change in the realism that can be achieved for the creation of virtual humans and environments. By recording shape and form you can inject new life into stories, games and experiences for immersive and 2D media.

Human Capture

New immersive platforms demand a re-think in how to capture human performances so they are believable, emotional, and exciting. Our volumetric video stage enables you to record actors, performers, and animals to create virtual and mixed reality experiences that feel more real, or produce multi-dimensional magic for 2D and touchscreen devices.

Immersive experiences

Bring powerful and enchanting performances to life to create stories, games and original experiences for virtual reality headsets. No “uncanny valley”.

Mixed Reality experiences

Blur the line between the physical and virtual as characters step through the frame for incredible augmented and mixed reality experiences on mobile and Hololens.

Interactive 2D experiences

Video just evolved. Use volumetric video for amazing interactive 2D experiences on mobile, tablets, laptops and other touch screens.

3D Character Capture

Our 3D scanning stage uses 190 cameras to shoot volumetric images of bodies, faces and heads. Shot at maximum resolution, capture photo-realistic 3D stills or hyperreal 3D animation-ready characters for games and interactive.

Bullet-time capture

Our team have over 25 years experience of multi-cam and array based shoots, and pioneered the technique behind the epic Matrix bullet-time shots. Our 90 GoPro camera array is adaptable for both studio and on-location filming.

Environment Capture

We create environments for ever richer virtual worlds. Our environment creation services include photogrammetry and set capture, while our artists are experts at creating virtual worlds within Unreal and Unity. We also offer prop scanning and modelling to bring any environment to life with the right style and vibe.