Aeronaut VR wins Grand Prix for Digital Craft at Cannes Lions 2018

Superb work by Isobar, Viacom NEXT, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture team, and of course Billy Corgan!

Huge congratulations to the teams at Isobar, Viacom NEXT, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture, Billy Corgan, and directors David Liu and Rob Ruffler, and all those involved in ‘Aeronaut VR’, for winning the Grand Prix for Digital Craft at Cannes Lions 2018. Superb stuff!

At Hammerhead we believe that virtual reality needs believable virtual humans so that we can meet our heroes and connect with their stories in a way that traditional media cannot do. While volumetric is an emerging technique for capture, we are already seeing how it can create powerful entertainment experiences, eliciting emotional connections and physical reactions.

In October 2017, we launched Dimension, the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner and first studio outside of Microsoft in the US. A state-of-the-art volumetric and 3D capture studio for the next generation of immersive content, that provides a step-change in the levels of realism that can be achieved in the creation of virtual humans, and harnesses six years of Microsoft research.

Opening Dimension was part of our mission at Hammerhead, to create and enable high quality and extraordinarily immersive experiences for AR, MR and VR. The accolade for Aeronaut VR is testament to that vision.

Digital Craft Jury President Jean Lin, global chief CEO of Isobar said “…Digital craft is at its best when it augments humanity. It uses sophisticated technological artistry to be intuitive, and almost invisible. The work wowed the jury with its masterful craft and its use of innovative technology to elevate a music video into a powerful multidimensional artwork.”

“We [wanted] to choose something that rewards technology and artistry that connects to the story…It’s very difficult to reward a piece of work that can represent the totality of the diverse world of digital craft. From the start of judging, ‘Aeronaut’ stirred our emotions.”

Says it all! We can’t wait to see what content creators are going to use volumetric video for next. If you’d like to get a sneak peak of what we’re doing at Dimension, feel free to get in touch with Yush.

Video credit Isobar